Master Trade Finance Insurance Policy

The Master Trade Finance Insurance Policy (MTFIP) covers the losses suffered by the insured bank resulting from non-receipt of all or part of the value of the insured trade finance instrument due to a credit or political risk materialization.

Dhaman pays up to 100% of the insured share/amount under the trade instrument.


  • Issuance of the insurance policy

    Signing of the Master Trade Finance Insurance Policy

  • Enquiry for insurance

    The insured Bank sends an inquiry with all transaction details

  • Insurance Offer - Non-Binding Indication

    Dhaman sends a Firm Insurance Offer or Tentative Non-Binding Indication

  • Insurance application

    The Insured Bank sends a formal insurance application along with a copy of the instrument

  • Insurance decision

    Dhaman issues an Insurance Decision for the underlying transaction

  • Declaration of utilization

    The Insured Bank sends a declaration of utilization upon shipment or draw-down

  • Premium payment

    The insured Bank pays the due insurance premiums

  • Claim & compensation

    In case of default, claim, compensation & recovery processes are followed

Contact info

  • Shaimaa M. Aldoussari, Head of Financial Institutions Unit

  • +96524959540