Corporate Publications

Dhaman issued for each specific line of insurance a dedicated guide featuring the insured risks, the eligibility criteria and the insurance procedures.


Hence, 3 service guides were issued so far for the investment insurance, the trade credit insurance and the financial institution insurance entitled master trade insurance policy service guide.


For the brokers desiring to cooperate with Dhaman, a specific guide is updated every year demonstrating the covered risks by Dhaman and all the necessary information pertaining to the eligible transactions.


Finally, don’t miss to download the corporate brochure to know more about Dhaman, its inception, vision, mission and so many important information.

Credit Ratings

Standard & Poor’s maintain the Rating “A+” of “Investment Guarantee” for 2024 with Stable Outlook

Service Guides

  • Credit & Political Risks Insurance Brokers

  • Master Trade Finance Insurance Policy

  • Export Credit Insurance Service Guide

  • Direct Investment Insurance Policy


Corporate Profile

Dhaman’s Corporate profile

Annual Reports