Nov 2023

”Dhaman” Publishes its 3rd Quarterly Bulletin “Dhaman Al-Istithmar” #3-20233

The Arab Investment Guarantee and Export Credit Corporation (Dhaman) has published the third issue of its quarterly bulletin, which contains a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the trade, investment, and financial insurance sector in the Arab region and around the world.

The bulletin announced that outstanding commitments to ensuring investment, finance and exports destined to the Arab region increased by 11% to exceed $243 billion by the end of 2022, representing 8.2% of the global total. These commitments were divided as follows: 84.2% for credit insurance of exports destined to the region, 8.7% for political risk insurance ($21.2 billion) and 7% for other cross-border commitments.

The bulletin also mentioned that the global trade recovery and the growth of the manufacturing and transport sectors contributed to supporting the political and commercial risk insurance industry in the world during 2022. The new commitments to ensuring investment, finance and exports destined to the Arab countries grew by 17.4% to exceed $105 billion, covering 9% of total Arab merchandise imports in 2022.

As part of the corporation’s efforts to study, monitor and track developments in the commercial, investment and financial insurance industry globally and regionally in cooperation with the Berne Union, performance data from the sector in the Arab region revealed the following:

  • The share of the Arab countries increased to 3.7% of total new commitments to insuring trade, investment and finance in the world in 2022.
  • The credit insurance of exports destined to the Arab region in various terms continued to represent the largest share of the new commitments with 90.6%, while the share of the political risk insurance reached 5.2% and about 4.2% for the other cross-border commitments.
  • The new commitments concentrated in 5 Arab countries accounting for more than 75% of the total, led by the UAE with a share of 29.2%, followed respectively by Saudi Arabia with 19.5%, Egypt with 11.7%, Morocco with 9.5% and Kuwait with 5.5%.
  • Local export credit agencies in the Arab world had the lion’s share of new commitments in 2022 with a share of 57.5%, private insurance agencies accounted for 40.5% and multilateral agencies represented 2.0%
  • About 72% of new commitments of medium/long term credit insurance of exports destined to the region and political risk insurance during 2022 concentrated in 4 major sectors: infrastructure, energy, manufacturing and transport.
  • Claims paid for insurance commitments in the Arab region rose by 36% to around $482 million in 2022, while recoveries declined by 13.2% to $362 million.

On the other hand, the bulletin’s data indicated that Dhaman’s operations grew significantly by 43.7% to $3 billion in 2022 as a result of the growth of export credit insurance operations by 44.3% to $2.8 billion, and investment insurance operations by 34.7% to $162.5 million, which are concentrated in chemical industries, oil and its derivatives sectors with a share of 70%, while geographically concentrated in Kuwait and UAE, with a share of 59% of the corporation’s total operations in countries as source of investments and exports in 2022. Also Dhaman’s cumulative operations hit around $26 billion from the beginning of its activity till the end of 2022.

As part of strengthening its overall capabilities to address current and potential political and economic challenges in the region, “Dhaman” seeks to support its alliances with regional and international players in the credit insurance sector, including the Bern Union, Aman Union and all export and investment insurance agencies in the region and the world.


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