Feb 2022

Dhaman’s Director-General discusses cooperation with Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation

February 20, 2022 

Dhaman’s Director-General Abdullah Ahmed Al-Sabeeh met with Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Meshat as part of periodical meetings held by the corporation with member states with a view to promoting insurance and research services. 

During the virtual meeting, the Egyptian minister thanked the corporation for joint cooperation in the field of supporting commerce and investment in Egypt, and for its role in developing economic relations between member states. 

She voiced her ministry’s interest in opening horizons of coordination and cooperation with all regional and international institutions with the aim of bolstering development efforts amid the growing development process in Egypt. 

Also during the meeting, they considered a planned visit by the corporation’s director-general to Egypt to push joint action forward and promote talks about a future work plan in the field of investment and export credit guarantee, as well as different services provided by the corporation to its member states. 

On his part, the corporation’s director-general reiterated willingness to upgrade cooperation with Egypt to new horizons in a way that would bolster the corporation’s role in spurring up Arab and foreign investments into Egypt, backing Arab exports and pushing economic growth.  

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