Mobile Assets Insurance policy

The policy protects contractors’ equipment located in an Arab country – other than the Contractor’s country – against political risks such as deprivation (inability to re-export), expropriation, riot, terrorism and war. The insurance policy period corresponds to the project execution schedule. In case an insured risk materializes, the insured contractor will be paid a compensation ranging between 85% and 90% of the incurred loss.



  • Mobile assets insurance application

    The contractor submits a free of charge Insurance Application

  • Non-Binding Insurance Quotation

    Dhaman provides the applicant with a non-binding indication detailing the scope of cover and the pricing

  • Host country approval

    Obtaining the host country’s approval is necessary for Dhaman in order to issue the insurance policy

  • Issuance of the Insurance Policy

    “Dhaman” provides the applicant with the insurance terms and conditions and the policy is signed

Contact info

  • Maram K. Tubaileh Investment Guarantee Unit

  • +965 24959538 (Direct)