Loan insurance policy

The policy covers financing loans for investment and development projects in Arab member countries. The tenor of the loan must exceed three years. Contract validity is concurrent to the repayment schedule of the loan and covers the principle amount plus the interest. Dhaman compensates insured financing party against realized risks at an average rate of 90% of the loss value.


  • Loan Insurance Application

    The Loan provider submits a free of charge Insurance Application

  • Non-Binding Insurance Quotation

    Dhaman provides the applicant with a non-binding indication detailing the scope of cover and the pricing

  • Host country approval

    Obtaining the host country’s approval is necessary for Dhaman in order to issue the insurance policy

  • Issuance of the Insurance Contract

    Dhaman provides the applicant with the insurance terms and conditions and the policy is signed

Contact info

  • Maram K. Tubaileh Investment Guarantee Unit

  • +965 24959538 (Direct)