Leasing insurance policy

Dhaman provides leasing companies with a comprehensive credit and political insurance solution that covers the risks of default of payment of the lessees and the risks of denying the lessors’ rights of ownership on the leased assets.
The lease insurance policy period depends on the lease contract terms. In case of any insured risk materialization during the policy period, Dhaman compensates the insured lessor at an average rate of 90% of incurred loss.


  • Request for quotation

    The Lessor submits the application form to Dhaman

  • Leasing Insurance Quotation

    Dhaman provides the Lessor with an indication detailing the scope of cover and the pricing

  • Issuance of the insurance policy

    Acceptance of quotation /policy signature/premium payment

  • Declaration of leased assets/ invoices

    Declaration of leased assets within 30 days of the leasing agreement prosecution

  • Compensation Process

    Declaration of risk occurrence/Compensation disbursement/Collection from the defaulting obligor/importing country

Contact info

  • Maram K. Tubaileh Investment Guarantee Unit

  • +965 24959538
  • maram@dhaman.org