Factoring insurance policy

Dhaman provides factoring companies with a comprehensive credit and political risks insurance solution. The insurance policy protects from the risks of default of payment of an obligor; The compensation rate stands for 90% of the insured invoices for both domestic and export transactions.


  • Request for quotation

    The Factor submits the identification form

  • Factoring Insurance Quotation

    Dhaman provides the Factor with an indication detailing the scope of cover and the pricing

  • Issuance of the Insurance policy

    Acceptance of quotation /policy signature/premium payment

  • Declaration of factored invoices

    Declaration of factored invoices on approved obligors on a monthly basis

  • Compensation Process

    Declaration of default of payment/Compensation disbursement/Collection from the defaulting obligor

Contact info

  • Salem Saleh, Head of Customer Relations Unit

  • +965 24959513 (Direct)
  • salem@dhaman.org