Apr 2021

Dhaman 2021: Insurance offers to investors, exporters and financial institutions in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt

During the first quarter of 2021, “Dhaman” contacted a number of potential clients and insurance brokers, and issued insurance offers to some investors, exporters and financial institutions in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt in addition to Saudi Arabia through the regional office in Riyadh in order to market various credit insurance products, exports, investment guarantee and trade finance insurance.

“Dhaman” has also issued an introductory guide for international insurance brokers to familiarize them with the various risks they cover and the terms of validity of the guarantee in terms of the nature of insurance operations, the insured countries, and the entities that can benefit from the insurance coverage they provide and other important information.

Also, during the period, Dhaman’s website content was updated,and the quarterly bulletin “Dhaman Investment ” was provided with summaries of the various operations management activities.

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