Message From The Director

International Trade and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) play an immense role in developing global economies, hence become subjected to various transactional and cross-border risks associated with the degree of political and economic conditions prevailing in any part of the world.


As we live in quite a vibrant region, with most Arab countries being developing economies and have been experiencing challenging conditions, both politically as well as economically, The Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation “DHAMAN”, has accordingly been entrusted with a mission to support the economic and social development of the region, hence to provide the necessary risk mitigation tools to facilitate the inflow of relevant investments and trade activities.


Since inception, DHAMAN has been promoting Arab & Foreign Capital to flow into Arab countries and supporting Arab-International trade activities. It has guaranteed multi-billion-dollar worth of Arab and foreign investments against non-commercial risks as well as three folds that level insuring Arab-International trade against both commercial and non-commercial risks.


Accumulating regional operational experience since 1974 have shaped DHAMAN status as a highly reputed regional organization in investment guarantee and credit insurance, with solid domestic and international customer base of financial institutions, investors and exporters. DHAMAN has also successfully built a network of reinsurance support, Export Credit Agencies and other regional and international multilateral institutions.

Moreover, became a prominent name with the Lloyds registered credit insurance brokers.We are yet to launch new successes in the years to come, to align ourselves with the constant developments in operational environment of international markets, with a firm commitment to better serving our region.

Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Sabeeh


Promoting Arab economic integration in order to reach sustainable development of the state members.


Supporting economic development of member states through the investment and trade sectors by facilitating the flow of direct Arab and foreign investments into & inter member states and supporting Arab international trade activities aiming at developing infrastructure, industrial & agricultural development as well as food/nutrition security.


DHAMAN’s objectives consist in promoting the flow of direct Arab and foreign investments into Arab countries as well as encouraging Arab exports and imports of strategic nature. These objectives are achieved through the Direct investment guarantee and Export credit insurance programs in addition to the development of research related to the identification of investment opportunities and conditions in Arab countries.

Corporation Milestones

  • 2020

    Standard & Poor’s maintain the Rating “AA-” of “Investment Guarantee” for 2020 with Stable Outlook.

  • 2019

    S&P Global Ratings lowered its long-term issuer and financial strength credit ratings on The Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corp. (Dhaman) to ‘AA-‘ from ‘AA’, under the revised criteria for Multilateral Lending Institutions (MLIs) issued in December 2018; while affirming Dhaman’s stable outlook.

  • 2018

    Launching of the Master Trade Finance Insurance Policy for Financial Institutions.

    S&P rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s rating, with stable Outlook.

  • 2017

    S&P rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s rating, with stable Outlook.

  • 2016

    Launching of the nonhonoring of sovereign financial obligations insurance policy.

    S&P rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s rating, but revised with Outlook to stable from negative.

  • 2015

    Under Investment Guarantee Scheme, Dhaman extended covered risks to include the following non-commercial Risks: Creeping Expropriation, Business Interruption and Terrorism and Sabotage.

  • 2015

    On April 2015 S&P’s rating agency reaffirms Dhaman’s “AA” rating but revised with Outlook to negative from stable

  • 2013

    Second capital increase, both discretionary and mandatory injections.

  • 2011

    “Dhaman” starts providing cover against commercial risks only for sales within the same member country. Domestic credit insurance is provided as part of a portfolio that includes both exports and domestic sales.

  • 2010

    “Dhaman” launches the Factoring insurance contract to cover lessors against the default of the lessees (commercial and non-commercial risks).

  • 2009

    “Dhaman” extends its eligibility criteria to:
    • Existing investments.
    • Non-Arab investors investing in Arab Member countries.
    • Exports from non-Member countries to Member countries provided the underlying transaction is developmentally sound for the Member country (commodities, food, equipment etc.).

  • 2009

    Launching of “AMAN UNION”, the Union of Commercial & Non-commercial Risks Insurers & Reinsurers in the Arab and Islamic countries.

  • 2008

    “Dhaman” obtains its first rating ever by S&P “AA- ,Stable outlook”.

  • 2007

    Launching of DHAMAN’s 7-year strategy, changing DHAMAN’s profile & original name, expanding product range & scope of cover and a shift to international recognition.

  • 2006

    “Dhaman” launches the Confirmed Documentary Credit Insurance Policy to cover confirming banks against the default of the issuing banks (commercial and non-commercial risks).

  • 2001

    Expanding trade insurance cover to Arab exports to the rest of the World.

  • 2000

    Launching of capital injections associated with a new strategic plan.

  • 1986

    Commencement of insurance cover for inter-Arab trade against Commercial & Non-Commercial Risks.

  • 1975

    “Dhaman” starts providing non-commercial risk insurance cover for inter-Arab investments.

  • 1974

    Establishment of DHAMAN as “Inter-Arab Guarantee Corporation” as the first multilateral investment guarantee provider in the world.